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City of Heroes: Being a Solo Scrapper

Scrappers are the up-front fighters of City of Heroes. Courageous and daring, they leap into combat, fighting bad guys left and right in the pursuit of truth, justice and faster levelling. Unfortunately, a solo Scrapper has no one as backup, no tank to hold the enemies’ attention and few, if any, means of controlling their aggressors. They must fight fast, hit hard and drop their targets before their health runs out and they find themselves in the hospital. Thankfully, the Regeneration power set can solve this problem with astounding efficiency.
Right from the start, Fast Healing reduces character down-time. It’s not very practicable as an in-combat consideration – that is, the rate is too low to make a noticeable difference. It’s worth dropping a heal enhancement into it, to keep you on the move, but probably nothing more. At only level two, Reconstruction becomes available and is a superb way of mitigating damage. Slotted with two or three heals and some recharge boosters, it can provide a very nice way of staying in the mission and out of the hospital. Other powers should take precedence for slots, though.

Following smoothly at level four is Quick Recovery. There’s simply no down-side to this power. No need for endurance management, no need for the Fitness pool. Throw a few endurance modifiers into it and your little blue bar will barely move. If you’re thinking of going the super-speed route (for Hasten), it’s pretty much essential to have this one chosen and well-enhanced.

The next two powers are also exceptional. Dull Pain – given that your endurance bar will be almost permanently full thanks to Quick Recovery – provides a mid-combat instant heal that will keep an overwhelmed Scrapper from giving up the ghost. Slot it early with lots of rechargers so that it’s available as often as possible and even the toughest mobs will grind their teeth in frustration. Six levels later, at sixteen, taking Integration moves your toon into the realms of Superman and other legendary Men Of Steel. Your health begins to regenerate at a rate that is noticeable even in multiple-mob combat and if slotted with as many heal enhancements as you can get (well, three would be good, although they’re not essential), your Scrapper can do all those cool things real superheroes do. Like laughing at the enemy as he desperately tries to hurt you, before slapping him silly.

Once you’ve hit level twenty, leaving a trail of carnage behind you and coming through unscathed (perhaps), the choice of Resilience becomes available. This one’s not quite so hot. Yes, it’s nice to have, but it doesn’t have the kind of effect that the previous powers do. It’s probably worth taking at some time, but I wouldn’t put it high on my list. However, Instant Healing (eight levels later) is another one to grab. Massive buff, which gives you the possibility of standing against truly formidable odds – just as a heroic super-person, should, darn it!

The last two powers in the set are pretty bad, comparatively. Revive is nice to have for those bad days when you are a bit slow and can’t handle thirty-seven mobs on your own. It’s nice to be able to self-res, but then the chances of getting slapped straight back down again are pretty huge and Awaken inspirations are common. I wouldn’t bother, personally. The last power, Moment of Glory, is another one that doesn’t fit for me either. I’d rather take the hit and go to hospital than try for a last-ditch effort to keep going and take down that tough mob. I mean, if I’m playing solo there’s no one around to say “Wow!” when I do it, right?

So where to put your enhancement slots? I’d suggest one heal in Fast Heal and three in both Reconstruction and Dull Pain. Assuming you take Instant Healing, put three in there, too. Reconstruction, Dull Pain and Instant Healing could each have three recharge reductions. Three endurance modifiers in Quick Recovery will sort out your stamina worries for ever (pretty much). With all those slotted to the highest standard available, your Scrapper can leave the ranks of mere heroes and become legendary.

Well, if you weren’t soloing, you’d be legendary. As it is, it’ll just be a heck of a lot of fun!