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Looking at the Diablo Video Game Series

For those who don’t know about the Diablo series, it is a online video game created by Blizzard Entertainment. Currently, there is Diablo, Diablo 2, and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (the expansion to Diablo 2). Diablo 3 will also be released, however the release date is unspecified. Diablo is a role playing game that is held in third person in a world where heaven and hell are at war. When you start the game, you have to pick one of seven classes: The Amazon (bow shooter), Barbarian (a brute guy who relies on strength to dominate) Paladin (holy warrior), Sorceress (uses various elemental magic) Necromancer (summons the dead and minions), Assassin (stealthy fighter) and Druid (summons and transforms into wild beasts).
The game play is very simple and yet very fun. Basically you kill monsters and complete quests and progress through the story and you level up. When you level up, you open new abilities and talents for your character. The maximum level is 99, although it takes a really long time to get that far. This game is meant to play online, although it does have a single player option available. You also gain new equipment and weapons for your character as you progress through the game. There are various gems and runes you can socket into your gear to add customization to your character as well as change the stats.

The game also offers a Hardcore mode. It’s the same as regular mode, only when you die, your character is gone forever. All of the gear and time you put into your character is gone. This mode should be treated very carefully and with respect. Diablo also has some pretty amazing cut scenes. Summoning the devil himself, killing and mutilating people, and many more. The settings are awesome too. From grassy fields, to Egyptian style deserts, lush forests, and even Hell itself! The Diablo series is truly epic and if you are into the types of games that focuses on character progression, this is definitely a game for you. What’s even awesome is that Diablo takes up very little system requirements to run. You can have a pretty old computer and still run the game fine. It isn’t in 3D so it is a lot easier on the computer to run. It is a fairly old game as well, but regardless, it is very addictive and fun, especially online playing with other people and having a lot of fun.