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New World Elemental Build: Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet


The Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet build revolves around a good AOE inflicted damage, and it is a ‘nuke setup’ for expedition runs, alongside annihilating a group of enemies. While it is primarily utilized for PVE purposes, you can also adapt the setup for PVP (Player vs Player) by switching a Fire Staff skill. If you’re seeking a powerful mage build, then the following guide is perfect for you, for New World Elemental build.

Working on the build

Once the enemies are grouped up, you can start with the opening phase as a mage by utilizing the Pillar of Fire and Fireball spells. If we are talking in terms of expeditions, you can leave it to the tank to gather them, and if it’s on a landscape, then you can around the mobs until you’ve gathered them together, for this New World Fire Staff Build. Doing so softens them up prior to the final blow.

Depending on the situation that you’re in, you can follow up the opening phase with Ice Shower and Ice Storm to grab hold of the enemies, and then switch to your Fire Staff to cast the fire spells again. If any mobs get through, you can finish them off with Incinerate, while also using Entombed when the situation looks grim. Entombed rapidly restores your mana, thus, allowing you to save plenty of mana potions for later.


Both, New World Fire Staff Build and New World Ice Gauntlets scale with Intelligence, and that’s why they are an extraordinary pair, while also being quite straightforward with respect to attributes. For maximum performance level, you will want to add as many points as you can in Intelligence.

Similarly, Constitution is also important to place your attributes point in, because there are often times where you can take immense damage, which may likely cause your death. A constitution level of about 50 or higher is recommended to acquire the complete benefits of healing potions, and you need to particularly equip a Light Armor for this build.

Fire Staff Skills

Pillar of Fire

Pillar of Fire is a ranged AOE offering skill that inflicts additional damage on enemies with full health (when it is upgraded). For an extra boost, it’s good to lead the way with this special. Besides that, it has a short cast time so you need to plan accordingly.


As the name suggests, it shoots a fireball into a small arc, and yes, it’s tough to aim but it does leave burning puddles on the ground that inflicts damage upon the enemies when they run over it. It’s recommended that you cast this spell once you’re sure that the mobs aren’t going to move, as it provides the best results at that time.


Incinerate knocks back the enemy targets and sets them on fire. Ideally, it isn’t utilized during expedition runs, but it is known to be useful in landscape areas where you don’t have to tank. You can use the spell to put some distance between the enemies and then range them down.

Burn Out

Burn Out is a good skill for PVP purposes; when you wish to escape an opponent who is close to you. In simpler words, it allows you to slide away while also damaging them. It’s also a good spell to utilize in PVE scenarios, but it’s more useful in general because of the insane tracking abilities that mobs possess, allowing them to turn mid animation and inflict damage while you’re sliding.

Ice Gauntlet Skills

Ice Storm

Ice Storm deals powerful damage in terms of AOE while slowing down the enemy in the targeted area. You can use this to offer a helping hand to your party in damaging the enemies, and then swap to Life Staff when healing is required, for this New World Ice Gauntlet.


Entombed is an amazing skill to recover mana rapidly. You can use it to feel that your mana is about to run out, or when you have less mana and your party requires a significant amount of heal. You can also use it to AGGRO the enemies in dangerous situations.

Ice Pylon

Ice Pylon isn’t often utilized as a Life Staff Healer in the early content, but you can add it once you are familiarized with the build. It can inflict some damage and create a frosted area to get benefits with passive-specific abilities, such as Quick Frost and Refreshing Frost.


When we talk in terms of weapons, you would want a Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet without a doubt. Look out for the weapons that possess the Intelligence attribute in them to boost the overall damage. Similarly, having good Critical Chance, Light Damage, and Heavy Damage on Fire Staff would be wise as you’ll be using a lot of that to burn your enemies away. Don’t rely upon the Ice Storm spell because it can’t critically hit right now, so you don’t need it on your Ice Gauntlet. Besides that, ‘Mortal Siphoning’ is a great option to regenerate your mana, and ‘Refreshing’ to reduce the cooldown timer.

Concerning gems, Onyx is a reliable source to add on Fire Staves as they additionally boost the overall damage of Pillar of Fire, while also boosting the damage of heavy attacks on landscape mobs. Malachite is also a good addition for Ice Gauntlets because the spell Ice Storm slows down while boosting the ability of its span.


You need to consider Light Armor to inflict additional damage onto the enemy mobs, as well as increase your mobility. But honestly, you can use whatever armor you prefer. If you have a higher ping, you can focus on Medium or Heavy tier armors, but if you’re more focused on dodging, then there’s no better option than approaching Light equipment. You can always use a Medium Chest piece with Light Armor to remain protected and yet keep mobility stable for faster movements.

Look out for armors with Constitution and Intelligence attributes on them, alongside the Resilience, which is an ideal perk for this build. Placing Diamonds onto the equipment is a good way to absorb the incoming damage, so if the gear or weapons have sockets, make sure you add some.